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St. Mark's Students Learn Outside the Classroom

Eighth Grader, Krystal, with Bearden's "Jammin at the Savoy."

Romare Bearden Exhibit - Students in Grades 5-8 attended the opening of the Romare Bearden exhibit, The Soul of Blackness, at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.  The Soul of Blackness celebrates Bearden’s centennial birthday and legacy. Eighth grader Krystal McNair, a passionate trumpet player, revealed that going to the exhibit expanded her appreciation for art. She felt drawn to paintings such as “Jammin’ at the Savoy” because “they visually represent the joy I feel when I play my trumpet.” The exhibit gave many of our young artists a deeper appreciation for the depth of expression that paintings can achieve.

9/11 Memorial - In September the 4th grade class visited the World Trade Center Tribute, which features photos of the buildings before and after the attacks and images of victims. Fourth grader Casey    Gathers revealed that prior to the field trip her knowledge of the significance of 9/11 was limited to a film she watched in 2nd grade. Such an event seemed unfathomable to her. For Casey, one of the most      meaningful parts of the visit was listening to a volunteer talk about how she lost her husband in the attacks. He was trying to save someone when the building collapsed, trapping him inside. This story of       heroism is just one of many that inspired Casey that day. 

St. Mark’s 7th graders traveled to the Museum of Natural History where they experienced the Highway of an Empire: The Great Inca Road exhibit. The students, who were studying the cultures of the Mayans and Incas, were able to see history in its context through photographs and sculptures. Daniel Jackson really enjoyed how  realistic and “eye-popping” the exhibit was. He claims that “the sculptures actually looked like real human beings and the display of clothing and weapons made it easier to grasp the way the Mayans and Incas lived”.

Parents and students in grades Pre-K and Kindergarten traveled to Masker’s Apple Picking Orchard where they picked apples and saw farm animals, including pigs and chickens. Kindergartener Aniya Pearson said, “It was really cool because my friend Lisa was there. We got to pick apples, and my mom and I made pies from the apples. The animals were really cool too!”