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NY Cares Sponsors Activites for St. Mark's Students

NY Cares sponsored a host of activities for St. Mark’s students this year. First, NY Cares held two standing after-school programs: “Dance Explorers,” in which Kindergarten and grade 1 after-school students learned different dance forms, and “Sports Explorers,” during which after-school students in grades 2 and 3 engaged in structured physical activities including soccer, kickball, basketball, and relay races.

NY Cares also sponsored two special activity days for students.It ran a music-focused day for students in Kindergarten. The leaders read books with the students about the different instruments in an orchestra and then helped them make their own maracas.

NY Cares also sponsored a cooking class which St. Mark’s hopes will become a standing after-school program next year. It donated cooking materials, ingredients, and cutlery to the school in preparation for the feast.  Sixth grader Paige Mitchell described the class, “We made chicken quesadillas and fruit smoothies. We also made vegetable quesadillas as an exercise in healthy eating. They talked to us about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables. I know how to cook a little already, but it was fun learning how to use grills and blenders.”