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Jazz at Lincoln Center and Members of the NY Philharmonic Visit St. Mark's

Thanks to generous funding from the Advisory Board, Jazz at Lincoln Center visited St. Mark's with six members of its Jazz Orchestra in the spring of 2012.  They played musical excerpts for the students, demonstrated the sound of each instrument, and explained how the instruments fit together in the context of the larger Jazz Orchestra.  The musicians also engaged the students in discussions about creativity and confidence.  Fourth grader Quincy Blair explained, “It was fun because they taught us about different instruments — how they are used and how you can make different sounds.  They said that being a musician is fun because you can use your imagination to make up your songs.”

School patrons Russ and Judy Carson also made it possible for students in Grades 3 through 5 to participate in the New York Philharmonic School Partnership Program.  The students attended several seminars with a violinist, and then five members of the orchestra visited St. Mark's to give a special performance.  The musicians used interactive exercises to demonstrate a variety of musical beats and styles.  Third grader Dolcehe Davis reflected, “There were expressions in all of the songs.  There were some that were playful and some that were happy or sad.  I loved the performance because the music was danceable.  I would make up my own beats when I heard the music from the clarinet, the flute, the trumpet, and the trombone.”


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