Student Life

Mrs. Shaquana Barr and her son Jae'Quan on her graduation day.


When it comes to St. Mark, it  is a family affair for Shaquana Barr and her son Jae’Quan Barr. Mrs. Barr attended St. Mark and graduated in 1993, and later worked in the Main Office from 2010 to 2013 while her son Jae’Quan was a student. Now a nursing assistant and attending nursing school, Mrs. Barr looks back fondly at her time here. “St. Mark is very family oriented,” says Mrs. Barr. “There are many opportunities given here that we may not have been able to find anywhere else.”

In 7th grade, Jae’Quan was admitted into the rigorous TEAK Fellowship program, which helps students from low-income families prepare for and succeed at top high schools and colleges. He graduated St. Mark in 2011 and went on to attend the prestigious Westminster School.  Jae’Quan began his freshman year at Williams College this past summer, and is currently taking psychology and Japanese classes. He hopes to become a psychologist counseling troubled teens. His ultimate goal is to own his own psychiatry practice.

Not only are Mrs. Barr and Jae’Quan alumni of St. Mark, but Mrs. Barr’s mother attended St. Mark as well. Also, her grandmother, Mrs. Doris Frink-Cook, worked in the St. Mark Main Office for many years. Though they have been gone for some time, St. Mark is still on their mind and in their hearts. “I miss St. Mark, I miss seeing my friends everyday”, says Jae’Quan. “Being at St. Mark made it seem like I was with my family, and I am thankful to have attended such an amazing school.”