Student Life

At St. Mark School students excel in academics, well preparing them for success in high school and beyond. Students study the Common Core State Standards which provide a consistent and clear standard of learning, including rigorous content and emphasis on knowledge application through skill development. Through strong faculty and leadership, St. Mark's students are excelling across disciplines. 

St. Mark's students are unique in that they also benefit from academic programming that enhances this already informed model. These enhancements provide extensive support to students and teachers to assist them in achieving their academic goals.

Please explore the academic enhancements available to St. Mark's students.

  • Early Childhood Program

    The Early Childhood Program at St. Mark provides Pre-K and Kindergarten students with the academic foundation for lifelong learning.  Experienced teachers with a long history at St. Mark provide dedicated instruction that encourages independence and exploration.

  • Extended Day

    The academic day at St. Mark runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  This extended schedule allows the school to provide enhanced academic programming and a holistic educational experience for every student.

  • Technology

    Educators at St. Mark the Evangelist School embrace 21st-century technology and emphasize the importance of digital literacy. Our students have access to a fully equipped computer lab as well as adaptive computer software that tailors to individual needs. 

  • Project-Based Learning

    Project-based learning is a crucial component of our educational model at St. Mark.  Through interactive and engaging projects, students are able to synthesize facts, exercise their creativity, and demonstrate their knowledge in meaningful ways. This also allows students to integrate units of study and to apply information in real-world scenarios.

  • Library and Author Study Program

    The library at St. Mark houses 3,000 volumes that attract avid readers and curious minds across all grades.  Our dedicated, full-time librarian collaborates with teachers to integrate the library’s resources into the classroom curriculum